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Hey everyone! 

      Representing Long Island! I am from the town of North Babylon. I am currently attending Suny Canton to obtain my bachelors in the Graphic Multimedia Design program. Art has always been around me growing up because my mother is an artist herself and a fashion designer. She designed for H&M and as a family, we were always around the arts.  I love all forms of media. I used to perform in theatre clubs, watch Broadway performances in NYC, I love music, going to museums, and I had a couple of my pieces in them too. Art is everywhere! I attended Boces at Wilson Tech in high school and received the National Technical Honors Society reward. I won 2nd place to a senior at my town hall art gallery competition which was sponsored by our mayor. 

    In my free time, I love playing video games so when I went to Suffolk County Community College, I did graphic design/advertising work for the gaming club there. It was my first time seeing how design influences audience and engagement.   

     I am a shy person but when it comes to expressing my beliefs and seeking change, I can talk a whole storm! (INFJ here). When I transferred to Suny Canton, I joined the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Seeing the amazing things and activities AIGA did, made me motivated to become president of the club. It opened me up to a lot of experience in design, social networking, and social media (new). I enjoyed meeting the talented students who worked with me and I see great things for AIGA. I am passionate about the arts and will push to get our student's creative content more recognized on campus! For more info on AIGA follow us here: Instagram @aiga.sunycanton or email us here:

   I am excited about my future ahead of me. I have learned a lot and experienced a lot as a student. I am currently the Marketing and Media Specialist at SUNY Canton and I love every minute of it. I can't wait to kick start my career, travel, and see what the world has to offer! I hope you like my content!